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The Estate

The Estate

A land of history with the finest wines

The Fontenelles wine estate is located at the heart of Douzens – in the northern part of the Aude county – below the Alaric mountain. The land around the Alaric mountain is characterized by clay-limestone soils and pebbly terraces. Our vineyard is nested in a hinge zone with multifaceted influences, between Mediterranean and ocean climates.

The land and its unique environment, which defines its appellation, allows the vine to have a slow growing cycle thanks to a dry, warm and sunny climate. Cers winds naturally purify the vines and allow for minimal phytosanitary treatments

We strongly believe in the expression of the typicality of this land, conveyed through red wines with a nice crimson and ruby hue/robe and a complex, powerful nose combining spicy and floral overtones revealing harmonious taste over blended tannins.

The weight of women Today

Many movements are fighting in France for women to have the place they deserve in our society. We are very proud of the place and weight that women have in the Domaine de Fontenelles.

The Estate was created, then run by women (Marie-Antoinette then her daughter Régine). If the succession was then ensured by men (José then his son Thierry and today the grandson, Terence), it is always supported by their wives. We are convinced that our wine needs an inspiration and feminine imprint in order to combine character and elegance.

The History

the desire to make the finest wines, generation after generation

Dating back six generations, the family history of the Fontenelles wine estate is centered around the love of wine and vineyards which is passed down from one generation to the next.

Terence Tastu and his spouse, Nathalie, have replaced Thierry and Nelly Tastu since 2021 and continue to combine a culture of excellence, respect for people, for the environment and quality approach.

Through time, the estate ethic persists and is expressed by two guiding principles.
On the one hand, we wish to preserve the character of Corbières wines, which we cherish. On the other hand, we propose “novel Corbières” by focusing on modernity and high-end customisation.

The vineyard

a precious bedrock for great wines

Before talking about wine, it is essential to remember that it all starts from the soil. It is the necessary foundation of all our work.

We know our soil and vines require great care, so we think through each of our procedures, techniques and actions, and always make sure our viticulture is environmentally friendly.

This logic led the Domaine to be awarded the “High Environmental Value” (HEV) label which is the highest level of environmental certification for farms.

This level of certification is based on performance indicators for biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, irrigation and fertilization management.

The bees.

If we had a heart to protect our soil, it was essential, to the extent possible, to go further by thinking about the preservation of insects such as bees.

Through their pollination action, this pollinator species plays a crucial role in biodiversity and for agriculture.

The reproduction of a large majority of plant species depends on pollinator insects. This is why they are essential for the maintenance of the balance of natural ecosystems.

The reproduction of a great majority of plant species depends on pollinator insects. That is why they are essential for maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems.

It is in this responsible approach that the Domain has obtained the BeeFriendly certification: a European label created in 2011 for “farmers committed to the protection of pollinators”.

These official environmental performance recognitions attest to the demands of our virtuous and biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices; and also reward our quality

Eco-responsible containers for the good of the planet

A serious and more than current issue that concerns us. We questioned ourselves to see how a wine estate could act in an eco-responsible manner.

For example, by using optimized cardboard boxes instead of wooden crates, we avoid cutting down trees, which are also the basis of biodiversity.

The cellar and the winery

essential places for the production of great wines

The Domain has two separate spaces, the winery and the cellar, which currently allow us to vinify in the best conditions.

We have tanks whose allocation is thought out to produce our different wines, red and rosé, in the best way and also in the best conditions.

We choose our barrels with rigor and each of our barrels to complete the stages of crafting our wines and maintain a constant high level of quality.