Moural de Salomon


AOP Corbières, Rouge.

Moural de Salomon is our prestigious vintage. All our passion and know-how is concentrated in this haute couture wine. The cultivation of the vine, the selection of berries, vat assembly – nothing is left to chance and it is a real work of craftsmanship that our team carries out each year to produce this excellent vintage. The black diamond hue of its robe, dark and sparkling, suggests all the southern opulence of this mythical wine. The nose, finely wooded, is of unmatched complexity and elegance, combining stewed fruit and black olive with notes of laurel. The palate is balanced, aromatic and concentrated with a pleasantly spicy finish. It develops lengthily on silky and absorbed tannins that suggest a most promising future for this character-filled wine. Syrah, Carignan This exceptional wine is the ideal accompaniment for game, juicy meat and prime rib or lamb shanks, for example. Serve carafed at room temperature. Laying down: 10 years.

5 - Moural de Salomon